Roof Replacement Yonkers

Sometimes roofs need to be replaced. The frequency of this depends on the construction of the current roof. We are very experienced in completely replacing roofs. Over the years we have replaced countless roofs in the Yonkers NY area. We understand that replacing your roof can be an expected expense. We try to make the experience as stress-free as possible. If you feel like it may be time to consider replacing your roof we know you may have many questions. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have to put your mind at ease.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement
Asphalt shingle roofs usually last about 20 years. If you discover that your home’s asphalt shingle roof is more than 20 years old you are going to want to consider your options for replacement. It may be best to replace your asphalt shingle roof with another shingle roof or it may be preferable to go with a different construction or style of roof. We can make recommendations based on appearance, price point, and convenience. Our upfront and honest advice can make you feel like your needs are being taken care of.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?
Are you noticing any of the following symptoms? Missing or damaged shingles – this can be a result of age and wear and tear from weather. Gaps in flashing – this can be a sign of expanding or contracting occurring in your roof. Is your subject to this issue it is likely that a roof replacement is necessary. You don’t want gaps to increase in size as this could lead to leaks and other issues with the structure of your home. Best to be proactive otherwise you could find yourselves with other repair bills down the road.

Other Reasons To Replace Roof
Do you notice daylight shining through roof boards? Most likely this is a result of age. If you notice daylight from your roof you could also be subject to leaks. Call us today so we can come out and diagnose. We want to be sure that the source of the daylight is an inadequate roof. Moss or mold – this can occur if your roof has been subject to the elements for a long period of time. This is a tell-tale sign that it may be time to consider options for a new roof.

Honest Advice
Roofing Contractors and Specialists Yonkers prides ourselves in honest advice. We will carefully explain your options and remedies if your roof is showing its age. We can help to recommend if a replacement is absolutely necessary or if a repair would suffice. We can also work with you to determine what type of new roof you should be most interested in. There are factors to consider when choosing the style and construction of your new roof. Our team has replaced enough roofs that we will always know what your best option will be. Call us today to find out more.